How does Haven work?

Haven is the smartest and strongest security platform on the market.

  • Prevents unwanted entry where other locks cannot.
  • Mounts over or under the door.
  • Stands strong against kicking or a battering ram.
  • Manufactured with steel, glass-reinforced nylon and aluminum.

School violence is a grim reality we must prepare for.

In the 160 active shooter incidents that occurred from 2011-2013:

1.5 minutes until the first police officer arrived on scene.

2 people were killed in the first 2 minutes.

22 people were killed in the last 2.5 minutes.

If the gunman didn’t have access to the classrooms, how many lives could have been saved?

Driven and Haven are partnering together to offer an option to accompany standard door locks, which are typically easily breached. With our lock system, teachers and students will be protected in a “safe haven” until the incident is over.

Haven's smart features

Haven offers complete automation and total scalability to make sure your entire facility is protected with one push of a button. Each facility can also be customized to suit its specific needs. Custom notifications, temporary electronic keys and a detailed record of access are just a few other features of Haven.